Inbound Marketing

Starting at INR 1,20,000 per month + GST


Making relevant content accessible to the people who are looking for it, time and again.

That is inbound marketing.

What kind of content?

Who are the right people?

What is the right time?

We are here to help you answer these questions.

Content & Social Marketing

Content strategy

The ‘how to’ of what to tell your potential customers.

Social & blog calendar

Creation and distribution of content across various channels.

Content bucket

Long form and short form copy. Audios and Videos. Graphics.

Search Engine Optimization

– Keyword research

– On page and Off page optimization

– Technical SEO

– Link building – Internal + External

Performance Marketing

Starting at INR 1,20,000 per month + GST

 Connect with your prospective customers via intelligent targeted ad campaigns

Showcase your offerings before new audience, convert them into loyal customers and retain your existing customers with the help of tailored ads.

We believe in walking in the shoes of your customers and crafting focused promotions after we understand their behavior and are sure of the story we tell them.

Creating dynamic consumer experience, 

– we help you grow your business via creative use of paid marketing channels

– we are proud of the definitive case studies that prove our expertise in accelerating the growth of start-ups using paid campaigns, and ensuring continuous growth

– we leverage smart analytics to guide users through optimized marketing funnels for improved ROI and LTV, we optimize unfailingly and ultimately win them as our long-term recurring customers.

Primary Channels

– Google Ads

– Facebook Ads

– Instagram Ads

– LinkedIn Ads

– YouTube Ads

– Twitter Ads

Other Channels

– Taboola

– Outbrain

– Criteo